Sheprador: 8 Things To Know About the German Shepherd & Lab Mix (2020)

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Sheprador: 8 Things To Know About the German Shepherd & Lab Mix

What is an Australian Shepherd hybrid? The Australian Shepherd Mongrel is a dog that comes from one or more additional breeds.

The animal has a herding instinct, is very social and playful.

For beginners an Australian Shepherd is therefore less suitable.

The most important facts in brief

  • Australian Shepherds reach an age of 13 to 15 years
  • The pet usually grows between 40 and 60 cm in size
  • The price of an Australian Shepherd hybrid is between 1000 and 2000 Euro
  • Australian Shepherd Mixes are available from shelters or breeders

What is an Australian Shepherd hybrid?

Australian Shepherd Mix puppies are the result of different crossbreeding.

There are animals that combine an Australian Shepherd and another dog breed, while others are the result of many different breeds.

The most common are these hybrids:

  • Australian Shepherd with Husky Mix
  • Mountain dog Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Australian Shepherd Shepherd Dog Mix
  • Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

The size of the animal is usually 40 to 60 cm.

An Australian Shepherd Mix lives on average between 13 and 15 years old.

If you are interested in such a family member, you can expect to spend between 1000 and 2000 Dollar.

Tip: Australian Shepherd Mixes are also available in small or mini (Miniature Australian Shepherd).

The Pomeranian Australian Shepherd Mix reaches a size of about 35 cm.

The Australian Shepherd can also be mated with dachshunds or Jack Russel terriers.

The look of the Australian Shepherd Mix

Since the pedigree dog has a long and spotted coat, this is also evident in the mixed-breed dog.

Colour combinations of black, red, white, brown and grey and also the typical blue merle colouring are possible.

The hanging ears and the fluffy tail are characteristic for the mixed dog.

Depending on the mating partner the appearance of the special Australian Shepherd puppies differs.

The character of an Australian Shepherd mixed breed

Mostly these mongrel animals are playful, friendly and active. A special feature of the Australian Shepherd Mix character is also the herding instinct.

The animal thus wants to protect the family and keep them together.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes often show a stronger herding instinct than other fur noses.

In other mixed animals this behaviour is usually less pronounced.

For dog sports an Australian Shepherd is very suitable, because it needs a lot of work.

Mental activity and several walks of a few hours each day are important.

Interested parties should therefore find out whether an Australian Shepherd mix is suitable for them before buying.

The health of an Australian Shepherd Mix

When a German Shepherd dog is mated to an Australian Shepherd bitch or dog, problems with the hip joint like hip dysplasia are likely.

The dog breeds are known for their genetic predisposition.

Cataract is a disease that can also occur and affects many companions.

Tip: If you are looking for an Australien Shepherd Mix for example in the USA, you will find it at serious breeders.

Buying an Australian Shepherd Mix from eBay classifieds is less recommendable as there are many dubious sellers there.

Our recommendation: A happy Australian Shepherd Mix needs a lot of work

To keep the quadruped as species-appropriate as possible, the following is recommended:

Agility – the sport in which obstacles have to be overcome – is a popular dog sport for the companion

  • Nose and search games are a great occupation
  • A dog playground is a good place to romp with other dogs
  • Tug-of-war games are popular with Australian Shepherds

Sheepdog-Labrador-Mix – Educational information

If you have purchased a sheepdog-Labrador mix or intend to do so in the future, you should know what qualities these two breeds bring with them.

This will make it easier for you to educate your pet.

The characteristics of the sheepdog

  • The German Shepherd Dog was bred to create an eager service dog for the police and military. He is very alert and likes to be under obedience.
  • The males of this dog breed weigh between 30 and 40 kilograms, the bitches about ten kilograms less. With a size of 55 to 65 centimetres they do not belong to the very big dogs.
  • If the shepherd dog is not used as a service dog, private persons of this breed should offer a substitute employment in any case. This can be anything from agility, eventing, tracking to obedience – the main thing is that the dog gets a job.

The characteristics of the Labrador

The Labrador is also a workhorse by nature. He helped people to fish and is therefore a real water rat.
The latter can also be recognized by its water-repellent, short fur.

The coat colour is always monochrome in yellow, black and chocolate brown.

The coat is very easy to groom, but due to the stock hair he loses a lot of hair almost every season.

Unlike the shepherd dog, the Labrador has no innate protective instinct.

On the contrary, the Labbi is widely regarded as very cuddly and everyone’s friend.

It even runs towards strangers, often joyfully waving and greeting them stormy.

The Labrador masters retrieving as well as no other dog breed.

It is simply in his blood and does not need any extra training.

Training the mix of both breeds correctly

You will probably already recognize from the outward appearance which breed dominates in your mix.

Is it solid coloured or does it have the typical shepherd dog colours with black back and light coloured legs?

If the shepherd part is predominant, you should consistently take care that he does not protect you too much during his upbringing.

His protective instinct can sometimes be very annoying for you, for example if he does not let family members get close to you.

In other cases you should rather educate the Labbi-Mix so that not every stranger is a friend.

This can also be unpleasant if your dog jumps at you joyfully every Sunday walker in rainy weather.

Since both dog breeds are of the “workhorse” type, you should already start thinking at puppy age about the direction in which you want to enable your dog to work to capacity later on.

With a mix where the shepherd portion predominates, you can consider a protection dog training; with a larger Labbi portion you can consider dummy and water work.

It is certain, however, that the mix, no matter what proportion predominates, needs a lot of exercise through long walks and a lot of mental activity to be happy.

Make the dog your leisure partner and get involved in rescue dog work. Both breeds are welcome helpers there.

Labrador Mix puppies: Which mixes are there anyway?

If you have decided to take a puppy into your family, the first question is whether you choose a purebred Labrador or a Labrador Mix puppy.

Here are some points that might help you to make your decision.

Purebred Labrador

A purebred Labrador is a dog that can fall back on a one-way breeding line, a comprehensible genetic pedigree.

Both parents usually come from a good breeding line in which character traits and hereditary diseases have been tested.

Labradors that come from a breeding line are usually very friendly, relaxed playmates and pronounced family dogs.

This is not always the case with a mixed-breed dog.

Mixed puppies:

A mixed-breed puppy is a puppy of which at least one parent is not a purebred Labrador.

It can either be another purebred dog or a mixed-breed dog in second or third generation.

Mixed-breed puppies usually come from a family hobby breeding and have no proven pedigree.

In case you decide to get a Labrador Mix puppy, you should make sure that the new family member really fits you.

Here some Labrador Mix puppy species

There are a number of Labrador hybrids that have become very popular in recent years.

Among the most popular Labrador puppy hybrids are the following crossbreeds:

Labrador Shepherd Mix

The Labrador shepherd dog mongrel is very popular especially in US.

Both breeds have a similar size, they are very active and especially for sporty families the perfect companion.

The gentle nature of the Labrador coupled with the watchful and protective character of the German Shepherd often makes them a wonderful protection dog for home and family.

It is important to be aware as buyer of such a Labrador Mix puppy that the good-natured nature of the Labrador does not necessarily have to prevail.

There is a good chance that the little puppy will show considerably more characteristics of the sheepdog than the Labrador due to the wide range of heredity.

Another very popular Labrador Mix puppy mix is the one between Labrador and Golden Retriever.

Labrador Golden Retriever

This mixture is considered one of the most popular and successful.

These are two very popular dog breeds with very similar characteristics.

Here you can almost certainly predict what kind of puppy you will take home with you.

Golden Retrievers are often used as rescue and guide dogs.

They are known to be extremely intelligent, with a very quick mind and they prove to be very cooperative with their owners.

The Golden Mix have a very balanced temperament and love to spend time with their family.

Golden Retrievers are almost the same size as Labradors, but differ in their coat, which is longer and wavy.

Most Labrador Retriever Mixtures have a slightly shorter coat, similar to that of the Labrador but even this does not always have to be the case.

Golden Retrievers are usually very robust and healthy animals, but there are some characteristics you should look out for before taking a puppy home.

Important Labrador Golden Retrievers

An extensive eye test, as both animals often suffer from eye diseases.

Labrador – Rottweiler

With the Labrador Mix puppies Rottweiler crossed with Labradors are often called “Labrottie”.

In this combination they can be beautiful and very affectionate family dogs.

Rottweilers are up to 68 cm tall, with large heads and a pronounced chest, as well as a very muscular body.

They are very dominant dogs and need to be trained very well by their families from day one, so that they know where their rank is and how they should behave at home.

The Labrador Mix “Labrottie” can become as big and heavy as his Rottweiler father or mother, so it is essential that he grows up in an environment where he has plenty of space and room to play.

The character of the Rottweiler

It is not possible to predict at all after which parent the little puppy will develop character.

Rottweilers are guard dogs.

They are very loyal to their family, but extremely suspicious of strangers; they often show unpredictable behaviour towards children, unless they have been trained and socialised properly.

The puppy needs to be socialised as well as a purebred guard dog. It is important to make sure that he comes into regular, good contact with people of all ages and gets used to external features such as beards, hat stick, umbrella rucksack etc.

Most important is the atmosphere at home.

When the puppy grows up, he should be exposed to regular contact with strangers and visitors.

If he is showered with treats and a lot of attention during a visit, the little puppy will consider these visits a positive experience and will not react so rebelliously and defensively when strangers come to visit.

Unfortunately Rottweiler only have a relatively short life expectancy of about 9 years.

They are considered to be very large dogs and their life expectancy is much lower.

Rottweiler often suffer from cancer or heart problems

It is recommended that the Rottweiler parent undergoes an eye examination, a hip examination and a heart check.

If you decide for a “Labrottie”, it is essential to have a close look at both parents before.

It is important to make sure that both parents show a balanced and friendly character.

Labrador – Bernese mountain dog

“Labernese” is the name of this mixture between a Labrador and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to be very calm and somewhat aloof towards adults.

They need a very good socialization already in puppyhood, because they have the tendency to react rather nervously towards strangers and take their function as guard dog very seriously.

As the Bernese Mountain Dogs are very large dogs, it is not recommended to bring them into a house with small children or to older people.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are about 70 cm tall and weigh about 50 kg.

They have a long coat that needs a lot of care.

Unfortunately, the Bernese Mountain Dog also has only a short life expectancy due to its size.

This is on average 8 years. It is important to remember this when you are thinking about getting a Labernese puppy, because it could have a much shorter life expectancy than the purebred Labrador.

Think about a preliminary examination to check if cancer has been present in previous generations; testing for degenerative myelopathy would also be important.

The mix “Labernese” are beautiful puppies and highly intelligent.

They are great companions.

But you should remember that the little Labrador Mix puppies can grow up to be just as big as their parents.

The Bernese Mountain Dog, his temperament could go in any direction, for this reason an early and very good socialization is very important, no matter how the little puppy might look like at birth.

Labrador – Weimeraner

The Weimeraner is a fantastic dog, as beautiful as he is clever.

However, the mixes Labrador with Weimeraner are much less focused on people than the Labrador, he prefers a smaller, more familiar environment.

This means that when you go for a walk with the Weimeraner, you don’t have to worry about him jumping at everyone, because the Weimeraner is not necessarily interested in greeting everyone in a friendly way.

Training the “Labmeraner” can sometimes be a bit more difficult than training the always-ready Labrador.

Just like the Labradors, the Weimeraner also suffers from separation anxiety if they are left alone at home for a longer period of time.

It is important to know this, so that you should choose the right time to bring a Weimeraner into your home.

This requires much more time and attention than a purebred puppy.

Weimeraners have a life expectancy of about 11 years, slightly less than that of a Labrador.

However, they are considered to be one of the healthiest breeds, with a distinctive body structure and without significant hereditary diseases.

Since it is claimed that Labrador Mix puppies have a higher life expectancy than their purebred conspecifics, an average age of 12 years can be expected.

So if you want to get an active and intelligent puppy, the “Labmeraner” is a wonderful companion.

Labrador – Border Collie

Border Collies are exceptionally intelligent dogs that work very well with their owners, as long as they are trained properly.

They belong to the breed that prefers to know only one owner.

They love their owner or their family, but otherwise they are relatively indifferent to all other people.

They learn very quickly and through positive reinforcement in their training they can learn the most unlikely tricks.

There are several subspecies of Border Collies that differ slightly from each other – the so-called show dogs and the working lines are very different.

While the show line is much less interested in working on little tricks and tricks with their owners, the working line is very active and always needs a certain amount of stimulation in order not to do nonsense.

The character of the Border Collie is very different from that of a Labrador and there is a lot of luck in what kind of puppy you go home with.

Border Collies are herd dogs and show this very clearly when dealing with children.

As guard dogs they are therefore not necessarily suitable for families with small children.

On the other hand they are wonderful for older children or older and very busy families who like to train and work together.

Labrador Border Collie crossbreeds are wonderful dogs, with a beautiful long coat that needs a lot of care.

The Border Collies are slightly smaller (30cm) than the Labradors.

They have a high life expectancy and, similar to the Labradors, you can expect them to live about 12 years.

As a mixed breed, however, it is quite possible that your dog will get much older.

A healthy “Borador” puppy is a great dog for an athletic family who spend a lot of time at home, giving the little puppy the attention that his little body and mind need.

These are the most famous smaller Labrador Mix puppies

For all those who do not have enough space to accommodate a large Labrador crossbreed, there is also the smaller alternative:

Labrador – King Charles Spaniel

The “Cavador” is the name for the cross between a Labrador and a King Charles Spaniel. The King Charles Spaniel is certainly one of the most lovable dogs there is.

They are:

  • charismatic
  • funny
  • very loyal
  • a good life expectancy of about 11 years

There are some serious health problems for this breed that cannot be ignored.

Many of these small dogs suffer from a heart condition, a mitral valve problem, which can lead to premature death.

They also have a neurological problem, due to the shape and size of their head, in that the brain is not properly placed.

This abnormal deformation, Syrongomelia, is a serious condition that is best studied before choosing a puppy of this type.

In this case you should test the parents when they are around 5 years old and make sure that there are no previous illnesses.

Labrador – Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel, crossed with a Labrador is often called “Springador”.

The Springers can be great dogs with whom you can romp a lot.

However, they can also show the extreme sides of both breeds and are therefore not suitable for inexperienced or inactive owners.

Springer are very lively dogs, with a great hunting instinct.

The earlier they are trained by positive reinforcement, the easier they are to lead.

Normally Springer have a very good character, but some of their kind have a problem with nervousness and a strong hunting instinct.

When buying them, make sure that the parents show a moderate temperament and do not appear nervous.

Jumpers are much smaller and lighter than Labradors and they have a longer coat.

“Springadors” have a shorter coat; sometimes they look like a slightly ripped Labrador with some white spots.

The Springer has a life expectancy of about 12 years, just like the Labrador.

Usually Labrador Mix puppies live a little longer, so it could be that the Labrador Springer Mix will gain some more years.

On the whole, the Springer is relatively healthy, only an eye and hip examination is necessary.

The “Springador” is recommended for everyone who prefers a smaller puppy, possibly lives in the middle of the city and cannot offer the necessary run for a large dog.

If you are keen to train a dog in many ways and spend most of the day in the immediate vicinity and enjoy being outdoors, then the “Springador” is for you.

Labrador Mix puppies and their temperament

If you buy a purebred Labrador, then you can predict with quite a high probability what kind of character this dog will have.

It is known what the characteristics of these breeds are and how most of these conspecifics will develop.

As a potential buyer you have the possibility to see the mother, possibly also the grandmother and other siblings from the same litter or from previous litters.

If you decide to buy a Labrador Mix puppy, you have to be aware that the character of a mixed breed is not only a product of his upbringing, but also of the crossing of two mixed lines.

If the dog was sired from two purebred dogs as listed above, then they can either show the character traits of the respective dog breed or develop completely differently.

When looking at a Labrador Mix puppy, it is really important to keep an eye on the parents.

Are both of them balanced, friendly and trusting?

These are the most important aspects of a family dog.

If both parents show these characteristics, you can expect the little puppy to develop in the same way.

If a dog is already a bit older, at the age of 6 months, his character can be clearly seen when he visits the shelter or a family.

Labrador Mix puppies: Size

The small Labrador Mix puppies that come from a cross with another dog can develop in size in almost any direction that is typical for the average of these breeds.

However, this is not always the case.

If the Labrador Mix is mixed with a breed whose origin is unknown to us, it could develop in completely different sizes.

Just because there is a part of Labrador in the puppy, does not mean that it has to follow in size.

He can be as small as a dachshund, with the colours and shape of a Labrador, or as large as a Bernese Mountain Dog, where the only way to tell that it is a Labrador mixed breed is by its tail and ears.

The best Labrador Mix puppies

What is considered the best Labrador mongrel is of course a very individual decision.

Just like with a purebred dog, it depends a lot on what kind of ideas you have about a future dog companion.

If you want to get a smaller Labrador Mongrel as a family dog, you should get it from a cross with a smaller and calmer dog breed.

If you want a sporty dog for running and hunting, you should look for a crossbreed where these characteristics are dominant.

If the desire for a very agile dog partner is in the foreground, then a Collie mixture is a good starting point.

It is important to always make sure to choose a puppy whose parents all had health checks that are important for their own breed and whose character traits you would like to find in a puppy.

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