Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle) – Ultimate Guide (2020)

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Medium-sized dog with family spirit: The Mini Goldendoodle

Cuteness factor of ten: If you cross a golden retriever with a toy poodle, Mini Goldendoodles are born.

In spite of their lovely appearance, these little heartbreakers should not be underestimated when it comes to activity.

What makes the Golden Retrievers special in small format and to whom they fit – all this can be read in this guidebook article.

Mini Doodle: The most important facts in brief

A Mini Goldendoodle is a mixed breed, which usually results from a Golden Retriever bitch and a dwarf poodle male.

As you can already guess, the Mini Goldendoodle is the smallest in its category.

His larger cousins are given the suffix “Medium” or “Standard”.

Nevertheless, a Mini Goldendoodle has inherited the sportiness and intelligence of his purebred ancestors and is by no means a lap dog.

The hype about poodle crossbreeds is unchecked and therefore special care in choosing the breeder is essential.

Mini Goldendoodle: Size Appearance

With a hybrid dog breed like a Mini Goldendoodle, the appearance is not predictable.

After all, it is a mixture of Mini Poodle and Golden Retriever.

Both dog breeds show differences in the texture and colour of the coat, size and physique.

Either the Mini Goldendoodle can inherit the frizzy poodle coat with its diverse color palette.

Or he dresses himself with a thick cream-coloured coat of the Golden Retriever, which is changed twice a year.

Some characteristics of the Mini Goldendoodle can be determined, however:

  • Eye colour: dark brown
  • Size: medium (approx. 40-53 cm)
  • Physique: slim and yet muscular
  • Coat length: medium length

Goldendoodle Mini: Character

Crossing a Golden Retriever with a poodle can be easily arranged.

Both are comparable in some characteristics.

A Mini Goldendoodle scores with the following characteristics:

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)


The poodle belongs beside the Border Collie to the most intelligent quadrupeds.

He is able to adapt well, learns new tricks quickly and enjoys working with his humans.

The Golden Retriever is also a clever little fellow, which follows the poodle closely in the ranking of the cleverest dog breed.

From this starting position, a Mini Goldendoodle cannot avoid being equipped with an above average intelligence.


A Mini Goldendoodle has great pleasure in playing sessions with its human and conspecifics.

He is bursting with energy and would like to get rid of it in the form of physical and mental strain.

His playfulness helps to deepen the bond to his family.

Furthermore, this positive quality proves to be extremely useful in training.


Poodles and Golden Retrievers are both dog breeds which are said to have excellent obedience.

No wonder, because in the past both four-legged friends were working dogs that cooperated with humans.

The Mini Goldendoodle is therefore a mixed breed that wants to please its owner and does not show any stubbornness.

To which home does a Mini Goldendoodle fit?

First dog

Since a Mini Goldendoodle is an obedient and friendly four-legged friend, it is ideal for beginners.

This does not mean, however, that the education works by itself.

Learning the basic commands, getting used to being alone and clear communication is also essential for so-called beginner dogs.

Family dog

The Mini Goldendoodle is a sociable dog who loves to go on adventures with his family.

An active family is an ideal home for this mongrel dog.

As with all dogs, rules for handling should be established.

These include, for example, that the dog gets resting places and that children and dogs always play together under supervision.

Therapy dog

An allergy friendly therapy dog – this idea was the starting point of the Goldendoodle.

Golden Retrievers are ideal therapy dogs. Unfortunately they are not suitable for people with a dog allergy.

Therefore, in the 1990s in the U.S. was searched for a non-hairy therapy dog and the poodle was crossed.

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

In the field of animal-supported pedagogy, the Goldendoodle of any size has meanwhile established itself.

The small Mini Goldendoodles conquer the hearts of anxious persons especially fast because of their cute appearance and their petite stature.

A Mini Goldendoodle is therefore perfectly suited to accompany the participants in therapies with its gentle and friendly nature.

Sporty people

This mixed breed clearly belongs in a home with active people.

One element plays a special role in dog sports: water.

Both poodles and golden retrievers are swimming enthusiastic four-legged friends.

The Mini Goldendoodle will love retrieving games in cool water.

Regular trips to the sea or lakes are therefore on the programme for this breed.

Thanks to his intelligence and obedience he will also cut a good figure in the supreme discipline of all dog sports – obedience.


Elderly people who offer long walks to a Mini Goldendoodle can choose this active dog just like a young family.

It is important that the dog can satisfy its urge to move and that it also gets tasks for its head.

If you are looking for a dog for rather leisurely walks due to its age, a Goldendoodle – even in small format – is not a good choice.

Mini Goldendoodle breeders: What to consider when buying

Important topic: The purchase of a Goldendoodle should be done with special care.

Since at present poodle hybrids are in demand among dog lovers, there are also many black sheep among serious breeders.

To buy a healthy Mini Goldendoodle, on the one hand time must be planned in and on the other hand knowledge about various breed diseases should be available.

In contrast to the larger king poodles, small poodles have a low risk of suffering from hip dysplasia.

Nevertheless, prospective buyers of a Mini Goldendoodle should make sure that both parents are free from this disease.

In addition, the Mini Goldendoodle should be free of a patella luxation.

Both can be proved by a veterinary certificate, which any serious breeder can present.

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

Basically, of course, it should always be well-considered whether it must be a dog from the breeder.

In the animal protection numerous just as lovable dogs wait for a new home.

Mini Goldendoodle in profile: Character and special features of the dog breed

The Goldendoodle’s pedigree:

  • Classification: small to medium breeds
  • Country of origin: USA, Australia
  • Size: 33 to 53 centimetres (miniature), 55 to 68 centimetres (standard)
  • Weight: 11 to 20 kilograms (miniature), 20 to 40 kilograms
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Fur and color: dense, middle-long to long and curled coat, color strokes: from white over cream white, cream, champagne to black, sometimes also multicolored
  • Character: sociable, alert, intelligent, curious, obedient, adaptable, athletic, affectionate, fond of children, playful, sensitive
  • Use: companion dog, therapy dog, family dog, search and rescue dog, guide dog for the blind
  • FCI classification: because hybrid dog, no recognition by the FCI

Origin and racial history

With this quadruped it concerns a still relatively young dog race.

His origin leads us to Australia and the USA.

The actual idea to breed a Doodle came from Wally Conron, the former breeding director of the Australian Royal Guide Dog Association.

He received a request from a husband in 1989.

His wife was almost blind and he himself had a dog allergy.

For this reason they were in urgent need of a guide dog.

Wally Conron’s research finally led him to the decision that crossing a Labrador with a poodle could solve the couple’s problem.

Labradors had already established themselves as ideal therapy dogs at this time.

Likewise the poodles are considered as a non-hairy dog breed.

The mating produced a puppy that did not cause any allergic reactions in the husband.

The first Doodle edition called Labradoodle was born.

This success triggered a wave of breeding in the USA, where they also tried to cross a standard poodle with other dog breeds.

The aim was to create a therapy dog for visually impaired people with dog allergies.

The choice fell on the Golden Retriever.

This dog breed possessed both the positive character traits and the desired protective instinct.

Thus the Mini Goldendoodle was born.

Further crossbreeds are the Cockerpoo (Cocker-Spaniel with poodle) and Maltipoo (Maltese with toy or dwarf poodle).

The different breeds crossed with a poodle are considered as hybrid or designer dogs and are not recognized as an independent dog breed.

Appearance and Fur – Mini Goldendoodle

This breeding includes two variants. In the mini version there was a cross between the Golden Retriever and a dwarf poodle.

The standard edition of the Mini Goldendoodle was the Golden Retriever with a toy poodle.

Regardless of this, both doodles resemble more a golden retriever.

The coat texture, however, reminds more of a poodle.

Nevertheless the parents determine the actual appearance of the coat.

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

It is medium long and curly, sometimes even smooth to wavy.

In addition, some puppies have either only curly or only smooth fur during their animal “childhood”.

The exact coat structure develops only in the course of time.

The Mini Goldendoodle presents itself in different colours, whereby the colour palette can range from cream white and golden to reddish brown and black.

Even different shades of colour are possible.

Depending on the sex, the Mini Goldendoodles reach a shoulder height of about 55 to 68 centimetres.

The small version is between 33 and 55 centimetres.

The four-legged crooks have a consistently slender and muscular physique, which can weigh from 11 to almost 40 kilograms.

The hanging ears of the Mini Goldendoodle are set just above the eyes.

The dark, expressive eyes show the joy of life.

They are also full of cunning and often tempt many a dog owner to unwanted mischief.

The long neck forms a harmonious transition to the straight back.

At its end is the bushy tail, which the Wusel carries either down or sickle-shaped over the back, depending on the mood.

Characteristics – Special features – Peculiarities of the dog breed

The fuzzy head combines the characteristics of poodle and golden retriever.

It is a docile, intelligent and extremely calm four-legged friend that remains calm even in the most hectic of situations.

Before it barks at all, it tries to attract attention to itself by means of other characteristics.

This can be, for example, an intensive contact to its owner by nudging him several times.

A characteristic with which the Mini Goldendoodle can warn especially deaf and blind people of danger.

Furthermore he is also used in schools and care institutions as a therapy dog or in customs and police departments as a search and rescue dog.

A family with children is a special highlight for the sweet Matz, because with the little bipeds it never gets boring.

He can romp to his heart’s content and live out his play instinct.

It is like a daily adventure for him. But he also instinctively senses that his charges are at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Therefore, he is extremely careful when dealing with the youngest of the family pack.

Mini Goldendoodles not only get along with children, but also with other pets.

In the best case they complement their future family already from puppy age.

This also shortens the settling-in phase compared to a later integration.

The keeping and care of the Mini Goldendoodle

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)


Ideal conditions for keeping dogs are undoubtedly a property with house and garden.

However, as long as the four-legged companion gets enough exercise, he can also be kept in a city apartment.

His genetic descent from Golden Retriever and Poodle is unmistakable.

This rascal also has a preference for water, no matter if puddle, pond or lake.

A walk in the rain?

No problem!

While Wuffi happily tries to catch raindrops and test the depth of almost every puddle, mistress and master fight persistently with the umbrella.

The hybrid dog also likes to retrieve. In this context a visit to the dog playground is also worthwhile.

This offers numerous possibilities for activity, which provides exciting variety in the dog’s everyday life.

Already its parents were used as hunting and working dogs.

Mini Goldendoodles also possess this characteristic.

They are extremely active little guys and need at least two walks per day.

This fact you should already consider before buying a dog.


While the coat of a poodle requires extensive care, the Mini Goldendoodle requires much less.

Although the ball of wool hardly hairs, it should be brushed and combed several times a week.

Especially after walks over meadows and through forests, parasites such as fleas and ticks often settle in the coat, which can be easily removed by brushing.

In this way you can avert a parasite invasion in advance.

But even without microbes Goldie needs care.

The intensive “brushing” not only removes dead hairs and skin particles, but also ensures sufficient ventilation in this area.

With regular use, matting does not even occur.

At the same time the development of inflammatory skin irritations is reduced.

And what’s more: massage promotes Woofi’s blood circulation and strengthens his immune system.

If kept and cared for appropriately, the Mini Goldendoodle can reach an age of twelve to fifteen years.

What basic equipment does my Mini Goldendoodle need?

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

Experienced dog owners know that keeping a four-legged friend requires much more than just food, a place to sleep and a family feeling of security.

Although the little flea doesn’t care about this, future owners should get an initial equipment.

The trade offers numerous articles for this, which are not necessarily all necessary.

However, some necessary things must be purchased. Here is a short checklist:

  • Water/Food bowl
  • Linen
  • chest harness*
  • Dog bed or basket
  • Dog box* (transport in the vehicle and to the vet)
  • Care products
  • dog toy
  • Food and treats
  • Dog insurance

If the future Mini Goldendoodle puppy is still at the breeder or seller, visit him as often as possible.

Put a blanket or pillow on his sleeping place.

This way he will get used to the smells of his future family in advance.

Breed specific diseases of the Mini Goldendoodle

As a rule, the Mini Goldendoodle is a comparatively robust quadruped.

A hybrid is less susceptible than pedigree dogs.

Nevertheless, even this animal can have a genetic predisposition to certain diseases.

Often eye problems in the form of retina atrophy or cataract occur.

Due to its size, hip joint dysplasia can also develop, which is associated with restrictions in movement.


The appearance of a Mini Golden Doodle can be very different – there is no standard. Sometimes the dogs look more like poodles, sometimes the Goldie is more visible.

Many Mini Goldendoodles look like cuddly teddies on four legs.

The hair can be straight or curly, mostly they are half-long.

Regarding the size, it can be decisive which poodle variant belongs to the parents, accordingly the puppies can grow differently:

Mini Goldendoodle can have between 75 cm and 30 cm shoulder height, also the weight varies accordingly.

Mini Golden Doodle are mostly cream, black, brown or have fur in different shades.

Mostly the dogs are rather slim and athletic, but of course there are also variations in this respect, especially if strong Golden Retrievers were among the ancestors.

History of a “Designer Dog”

The Mini Goldendoodle is one of the “designer hybrids” that are currently in fashion.

The basic idea originated in the 80s of the 20th century.

Wally Conron wanted to breed a guide dog for the blind in Australia for allergy sufferers.

For this purpose he had proven assistance dogs at his disposal, more precisely: Labrador Retrievers.

These, so Conron thought, could be crossed with a non-hairy poodle to obtain an allergy friendly guide dog.

Although at first no buyers were found for the resulting mix, this changed as soon as a name was found that could be used to advertise the dog:

Suddenly numerous dog lovers became interested in the cuddly looking “Labradoodle”.

But not only did the mix suddenly become famous – something happened that Wally Conron had never intended:

His “invention” paved the way for a veritable wave of designer dogs.

And this brings us to the Mini Goldendoodle, which also belongs to the new “Designer Dogs” and is a cross between golden retrievers and poodles.

A Mini Golden Doodle is a hybrid

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

As cute as some Mini Goldendoodle may look – he remains a hybrid.

Why this can also be a problem for non-breeders, we will explain later.

A recognition by the big associations is not in sight: Breeders usually only breed with – ideally – purebred poodles and purebred Golden Retrievers to get a Golden Doodle.

This is due to the fact that when both breeds are mated, only the first generation can reasonably predict which characteristics the puppies will have.

However, this is no longer true for the second generation, i.e. if you cross two Golden Doodles with each other, it is difficult to predict which characteristics the puppies will have.

Character & Education

Both poodles and golden retrievers are usually friendly, open-minded four-legged friends who enjoy living in the family – provided they are sufficiently occupied.

Especially the Golden Retriever became more and more known as a comfortable companion and as a consequence many underchallenged representatives of the breed trot quite bacony and bored after their owner.

This does not do justice to his actual character, because the Golden Retriever is also a working dog, which should be challenged to be balanced.

What do the characters of Poodle and Goldie mean for the Mini Goldendoodle?

With a Mini Goldendoodle you will receive a mostly friendly and socially acceptable surprise package, where – as with any dog – much depends on the imprinting and socialization within the first weeks of life.

Extensive health care necessary

In some places it can be read that crossbreeds are healthier and less frequently affected by hereditary diseases than pedigree dogs.

However, this is not necessarily true, because a serious breeder of pedigree dogs will attach great importance to comprehensive health care.

Sick pedigree dogs only occur more frequently if breeders place more value on money than on the health of their puppies.

Unfortunately, many Mini Goldendoodles do not combine the best of both breeds in terms of health, but rather the problematic aspects.

This is due to the fact that hardly any top dogs from one of the two breeds are available for mixed-breed breeding:

An award-winning and responsibly bred Golden Retriever with healthy hips is either used for breeding by Golden Retriever breeders or given into the hands of enthusiasts.

Furthermore, due to the large number of Golden Retrievers – every year in USA alone about 2,200 Golden Retriever puppies are registered – there are numerous breeders who jump on the trend and breed without high value on character and health as well as without papers, so that the breed can be afflicted with problems from the beginning.

Both parents of a Mini Goldendoodle should be tested for typical breed diseases before producing offspring with them.

Like Golden Retrievers, Grand Poodles can be prone to hip dysplasia (HD), so the breeder should be able to provide proof of healthy hips of the parents.

Progressive Retina Atrophy (PRA), which can be excluded by genetic testing, and kidney diseases can also occur.

Golden Doodle can also suffer from skin and coat problems due to the mixture of poodle and Goldie coat.

Mini Goldendoodle Nutrition

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

That tastes good to every dog

A Mini Goldendoodle, like any dog, needs a high quality pet food, which should consist mainly of meat.

Decide on a wet or dry food with a high meat content.

Grain or sugar should not be included. In puppyhood, your companion will need up to four servings per day, an adult Mini Goldendoodle can manage with two meals.

Your four-legged friend should always be able to take a short rest after feeding – this will help prevent dangerous stomach twisting.

While poodles rarely have weight problems, some Golden Retrievers tend to be voracious and like to put on fat.

It’s up to you to prevent this: weigh your adult dog every two weeks to detect weight changes quickly and counteract them accordingly.

If you give treats, you should focus on healthy snacks such as freeze-dried meat or dental care snacks.

But remember: even a little game or a cuddle is a good reward – without any calories or costs! Your Mini Goldendoodle should always have fresh water available.

Care is a matter of type

Grooming a Mini Goldendoodle can be demanding – statements about the coat structure cannot be generalized.

If your pet does not groom hair, you will need to trim or shear it regularly – it is best to consult a groomer if you do not have the necessary expertise in this area.

Mini Goldendoodles with long coats can easily become matted, depending on their coat type, so brush them carefully every few days.

You should also check after every walk to see if there are any small branches or leaves caught in the coat or even if you can feel an uninvited guest in the form of a tick – get rid of them with tick tongs.

Also, make sure you care for your ears regularly, keep your eyes free of strands of hair that could irritate them, and check the claws of your Golden Doodle every few weeks to trim them in time with special dog claw scissors if necessary.

Always happy to be there

A healthy Mini Golden Doodle is suitable for many different tasks:

Agility, dog dancing, tricks – he likes to be everywhere. Make sure that he is always kept busy in consideration of his training condition.

You should only start dog sports with the adult Mini Goldendoodle to prevent damage to joints and skeleton.

Of course, a Mini Goldendoodle will enjoy extensive walks in nature with you.

Since most dogs of this type are open-minded and smart, they are also suitable for training as therapy dogs.

Both the Poodle and the Golden Retriever have water work in their genes, so many Mini Goldendoodles appreciate the opportunity to swim.

A dog for allergy sufferers?

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

First of all: If you are allergic to animal hair, it cannot be predicted whether you can live with a Mini Goldendoodle without any problems.

In contrast to the poodle, the Mini Goldendoodle can certainly hair.

However, this is not necessarily decisive: the allergens are not only found in the hair, but rather in the saliva and skin scales of the dog, so even non-hairy dogs can have advantages in the case of mild allergies, but they are no guarantee.

If you are not allergic to the puppy, you can unfortunately not yet feel safe:

Puppies barely eliminate allergens. It would be better to spend a few hours in the breeder’s household, close to both parents, to see if you get symptoms.

If in doubt, ask your family doctor or dermatologist for advice.

Does a Mini Goldendoodle fit me?

Mini Goldendoodles are friendly family dogs, if they are kept busy enough.

However, the conditioning and socialization of the dogs also play a major role and it can be difficult to find a responsible breeder.

The following applies to all dogs, but especially the designer dogs with the teddy-look sometimes arouse needs without the owners being aware of the dogs’ demands.

If Mini Goldendoodle get bored, they can develop behavioural problems up to aggressive behaviour.

So don’t be fooled by the cuddly look: The Mini Goldendoodle is an agile, sporting dog.

If he is fully occupied, he is well suited as a family dog, but small children should never be without supervision with him.

In addition, he should always have a place to retreat when he wants to be left alone.

Cats can usually be well socialized with the dog, but it is best if the four-legged friend has already been formed as a puppy on velvet paws.

As watchdogs the mixed-breed dogs are rather not suitable, because neither poodles nor golden retrievers show great watch ambitions.

A Mini Goldendoodle can also be kept well in a large apartment in the city if you spend a lot of time outside with him.

However, keep in mind that it should rarely climb stairs.

A fenced garden would also be ideal. In principle, the breed is suitable for beginners.

Before buying the dog, think about how you will manage care and employment, and estimate the costs that you will regularly incur.

If the Golden Doodle is your first dog, in addition to the price of the puppy, there will also be expenses for basic equipment from the bowl to the transport security in the car.

Where can I find a Mini Goldendoodle?

Miniature Goldendoodle (Mini Goldendoodle)

If you go looking for a Mini Goldendoodle, you will soon find that it is very difficult to find a serious breeder.

Only a few of them have the parents of both breeds tested for breed typical diseases and pass a breed suitability test.

Because many Mini Goldendoodle breeders smell a possibility to earn fast money with this fuzzy mix.

Don’t buy a dog there and ask yourself if it has to be a Mini Goldendoodle at all – or if a poodle or a Golden Retriever can’t meet your wishes as well.

Poodles in particular wrongly have a granny image: they don’t hair, are very smart, playful and come in four different sizes.

However, if you want a Mini Goldendoodle, look for a serious breeder who will give you information about health care and refrain from advertising statements like “allergy dog”.

If it doesn’t have to be a puppy, you can meanwhile also find something in animal protection, because similar hybrids can also be found here – often from owners who had completely different ideas about the designer dog and were then overwhelmed with the four-legged friend.

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