Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle – All You Need To Know Before Getting One (2020)

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Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle – All You Need To Know Before Getting One

Summary & Facts about Sheepadoodles:

Which type of Breed is a Sheepadoodle?Mixes and More
What was the breeding purpose of Sheepadoodle?Sheepadoodles wer bred as Family Pets
Whom for is a Sheepadoodle suited for?A Sheepadoodle is great for families & is great with children
Size of a SheepadoodleBetween 20.5″ and 23.5″ when fully grown between 20 months to two and a half years old.
Weight of a SheepadoodleWeight depends on the age of a dog. For grown Sheepadoodles the weight is between 58 pounds – 80 pounds (male) or Between 40 pounds – 65 pounds (female)
Lifespan11-16 years usually
Color VariationsMany different color variations possible, usually Black and White, Black, Red and White
TemperamentVery smart, empathic to humans especially children, calm & playful
Daily Exercise necessary for a Sheepadoodle?Very high activity levels for Sheepadoodles
Activity Levels of a SheepadoodleModerate to High depending on the personality type
Daily Food Consumption for SheepadoodlesShould consume 1,250 calories per day as a dog and up to 2,250 calories as a puppy
Known Health Issues at higher age for SheepadoodlesHip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, sebaceous adenitis, Addison’s disease, canine autoimmune thyroiditis

Are you looking for an Ultimate Guide about Sheepadoodle Dogs? Then you are on the right site.

In this article we take a very close look on this increasingly popular cross and mix of the German Shepherd and the standard poodle.

We will take a look at his origin, temperament and everything else you want to know before you bring him home!

What is a Shepadoodle?

The Shepadoodle, sometimes also called German Shepadoodle, Shepherd Poodle or German Shepherd-Pudelmix, is the designer dog puppy of the German Shepherd and Poodle.

But what is a designer dog and how is it different from a mutt? Good question.

A brief overview of the Designer Dog Debate

There is some debate about designer dogs, also known as hybrids or crossbreeds, and the reason for this is quite convincing.

Some say that crosses are just mutts.

However, those who advocate crossbreeding point out that nuts have several breeds in their blood.

Crosses are the carefully selected offspring of two pure-bred parents.

If you would like to learn more about crossbreeding or mother controversies, “visit” us here> .

Another issue regarding first generation crosses is health.

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

The Sheepdog poodle mix varies from puppy to puppy. Mainly depending on which of their very different parents they follow.

So what can you expect from a Sheepadoodle?

Do they make healthy, happy family pets?

If you are at all familiar with today’s designer dog world, you know that there are plenty of four-legged doodles.

The poodle is a popular dog for crossbreeding purposes.

“Doodle” is used to indicate the poodle parent in crossbreeds. The Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are well-known examples.


But what about the Sheepadoodle?

Is this sweet cross the next big thing in your life?

Let’s find out if the Sheepadoodle is the right new pet for you.

What is a Sheepadoodle – Crossing?

Sheepadoodle Growth chart
Sheepadoodle Growth Chart

The Sheepadoodle is a cross between a German shepherd and a poodle.

A cross-breed should acquire the most desirable traits of each parent in a dog.

But unfortunately the genetics are not that simple.

In the case of the Sheepadoodle (aka Sheep-a-Poo!) breeders hope to replicate the best traits of the Old English Sheepdog and a standard poodle.

But were their efforts successful?

Old English Sheepdog-Poodle

It is not difficult to see why breeders want to combine these two breeds.

The Old English Sheepdog is a sweet, fluffy and playful dog. While the poodle brings a high dog-IQ and a hypoallergenic coat with low shed to the party.

Sheepadoodles & Families

The Sheepadoodle is designed to be a family pet with a loving and playful friend, while serving as a hypoallergenic alternative for dog lovers.

Owners report that the Old English Sheepdogs poodle mix has moderate physical requirements, moderate grooming needs and a nice long coat with low scales.

We will look at these and other Sheepadoodle characteristics in more detail later. For now, however, it is important to know that the potential of a cross is completely unpredictable.

In reality, each cross inherits the traits and qualities of each parent to a different degree.

It is impossible to predict how these traits will be expressed.

The best way to determine the potential of a crossbreed is to study the behaviour, personality and temperament of its parent breeds.

Are you considering bringing a Sheepadoodle into your home?

We’ve put together some interesting information about the sweet and intelligent Sheepadoodle mix that you’ll want to read before you make a decision!

Sheepadoodle Origins

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

Most sources believe that this new mixture appeared in the USA in the 1990s.

In 2009, the International Designer Canine Association began registering Sheepadoodle registrations.

So this is early for the Sheepadoodle.

However, its origins go back a long way in the parent breeds.

The origins of the Old English Sheepdog

Like many of the canines popular today, the origins of the Old English Sheepdog are somewhat unclear. Although the American Kennel Club believes that the sheepdog originated in the west of England.

At the same time, others think it is possible that the large, shaggy breed has its roots in the Russian Owtchar or the Scottish Bearded Collie.

Interestingly, the first documentation of the dog does not come from written documentation, but from the art world.

Many believe that an 18th century painting by Thomas Gainsborough shows a dog that resembles the old English shepherd dog.

What we know for sure is that Birmingham, England, claims to be the first official exhibition of an Old English Sheepdog.

This competition took place in 1873, and from that time on the breed was to gain worldwide fame as a show dog.

The origins of the poodle

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

Like the Old English Sheepdog, the origins of the poodle are also under debate. Some believe that it is descended from French ancestors, while others believe that its origins lie in Germany.

In any case, it is thanks to the German artist Albrecht Dürer that the first pictures of the breed were recognized, which depicts the dog in his work as early as the 14th century.

The poodle comes in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy.

The standard used in Sheepadoodle crossbreeding is the largest of the three and was originally coveted for its hunting instinct.

The toy is the smallest variety and was first introduced to the market in England in the 18th century. Both the toy and the mini are now known for their excellent camaraderie skills.

History of the German Shepherd Dog

As its name suggests, it is assumed that the German Shepherd Dog is the descendant of herding dogs from Germany, which varied in type depending on the region.

In the 19th century, enthusiasts and breeders gathered together to breed different types of German Shepherd Dogs throughout Germany to create what eventually led to the modern German Shepherd Dog.

It is common knowledge that the German Shepherd Dog of today is a famous police and military dog. But did you know that most of his abilities came from sheep?

Because of his incredible intelligence, loyalty and courage, the German Shepherd is a renowned working dog.

He is also number two on the list of America’s most popular dog breeds by the American Kennel Club!

History of the Poodle & Sheepadoodle

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

It may surprise you to learn that the poodle, although often referred to as the “French poodle”, is actually of German descent, similar to his German shepherd dog.

In fact, there is no real French poodle, as the poodle breed was founded in Germany almost 400 years ago and was bred mainly for duck hunting.

And you know that the pompom hairstyle for which the poodle is known is so famous? Believe it or not, that flashy haircut had a purpose.

The poodle’s extravagant pompoms eventually became a fashion statement of sorts.

They were originally used to protect the poodle’s delicate body while allowing him to hunt ducks with skill in the icy cold waters of Germany.

Not only does the poodle have a long history of work ethics and notoriety, he is also a true entertainer, adding street shows and circus performances to his long list of talents in history!

The poodle continues to delight his owners with his amazing intelligence and family-friendly disposition.

Since two breeds are as popular as the German Shepherd and the Poodle, it is no wonder that breeders have thought about crossing them.

But how will their cross-breeding offspring behave? Let’s find out.

The personality of Shepadoodle breeds

The Shepadoodle temperament will depend on what traits he inherits from his parents.

Let us take a look at the basic traits of the German Shepherd and the poodle to better determine the possible behaviors of the German Shepherd Poodle mix.

German shepherd dog

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

The German Shepherd is known for his intelligence and his unstoppable courage. He is the first choice for military and police work.

Although he is definitely tough, this is also an excellent breed for children and families.

However, the German Shepherd is very active and can mature slowly, which is sometimes too much for families with very young children.

Most German Shepherds are very suitable for other pets. However, some tend to accept smaller animals such as cats.

They may also tend to show aggression in dogs of the same sex, but if they are socialised early this is unlikely.

Poodle Personality

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

The poodle is also a family-friendly dog, known for its intellect and sense of show. This is a breed that likes to learn new tricks and likes to show off.

Despite its imaginative appearance, the poodle is a real dog and likes to get messy!

However, due to its hunting background, owners with smaller pets should not leave them alone with the poodle unattended.

Shepadoodle Temperament

Considering that both the German Shepherd and the Poodle are highly intelligent, loyal and loving breeds for their families, it is easy to assume that your Shepadoodle has the same characteristics.

However, as with all dogs, we recommend early training for socialisation and obedience to ensure that your Shepadoodle becomes a well adapted dog.

Estimated weight of a Shepadoodle
Since the Shepadoodle is a crossbreed, it will be difficult to determine its estimated size.

Some breeders can offer a “Mini Shepadoodle”.

Although poodles are available in three sizes, one of which is a miniature, it is highly unlikely that a German Shepherd will be crossed with a Mini Poodle.

Instead, breeders can specifically choose smaller German Shepherds and poodles in the hope of creating a smaller than average German Shepherd.

However, there can still be a variety of size options.

Shepadoodle Size

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

The purebred German Shepherd dog grows to 22 to 26 inches tall and weighs between 50 and 90 pounds!

As mentioned above, the poodle comes in three sizes, but in the case of a German Shepherd Poodle Cross, it is common to cross the German Shepherd with the standard poodle, which is over 15 inches tall and weighs between 40 and 70 pounds.

If you follow the above points, you can assume that your Shepadoodle is between 15 and 26 inches tall and weighs between 40 and 90 pounds.

Sheepadoodle Size

What will a full-grown Sheepadoodle look like?

Let’s take another look at the dimensions of his parents. This gives us an idea of the proportions of Sheepadoodle.

Standard poodles are maximum at 65 pounds and 21 inches in height. Their average life expectancy is 12 years.

Old English Sheepadoodles average about two feet in height.

Men reach about 22 inches plus, while women stand about 21 inches and more.

These large dogs have a good weight on their body, with between 60 and 100 pounds being the norm.

Their life expectancy is in the range of 10-12 years.

A standard Sheepadoodle could be within these limits. They are also likely to live in the same time, so you could predict between 10 and 12 years.

If you are wondering, a mini-sheepadoodle is a dog that measures less than 22 inches and usually weighs 25-45 pounds.

Sheepadoodle appearance

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

There is no denying why the Sheepadoodle is called the panda bear of the dog world.

These uncomplicated fur balls look black and white and often have one or both eyes surrounded by a large black patch of fur.

Rounding off their cuddly look is a delightful, dark, distinctive nose.

And it doesn’t hurt the comparison that these medium-sized dogs are just as playful and clownish as the cute panda!

Sheepadoodle coats are often predominantly white and black at the back.

Some puppies are almost all white or completely black. Often they are of the opposite colour with random patches.

Then again, there are some adorable Sheepadoodle that look like a huge tub of delicious chocolate chip ice cream!

As with the Old English Sheepdog, you shouldn’t be surprised if the black coat of your Sheepadoodle turns into a nice grey colour after one or more years.

And although this is less common, once in a while soft yarrow will appear in the coat of a Sheepadoodle.

As with all hybrids, the mix of shepherd and poodle will vary depending on the appearance of the purebred parent.

To guess what your Shepadoodle might look like, you should study the physical characteristics of its purebred parents.

GSD Coats / Fur of Sheepadoodles

For a start, the German Shepherd has a durable, double-layered coat, which is difficult to cut and can be either medium or long.

There are five standard colours, including

  • Black and gold.
  • Red and black
  • Black and silver
  • Sable
  • Black

The German Shepherd is also known for his upright ears, bright eyes and long tail.

Poodle Coats

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

With its long ears and thick, curly hair that has hardly let up, the poodle could not look any different.

His fur is available in ten standard colour variations like:

  • Black
  • Apricot
  • White
  • Cream
  • Tanning
  • Blue Belton
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Sable
  • Brown

When it comes to the Shepadoodle, it is important to know that it is a crossroads.

For this reason you can obtain a number of coating combinations listed above. It will all depend on chance and genetics!

Old English Shepherd Dog Poodle mix

A poodle mix often has a curly coat. How curly it is depends on how much the puppy needs after the poodle parent.

Old English Shepherds have a beautiful long, shaggy coat that can rightly be called maintainable.

Possibly this coat is partly the reason for the decreasing interest in this dog breed.

Employed modern owners often lack the time or money to obtain a healthy, robust coat. A poodle coat is a bit different. But it still requires a little bit of care

Poodle Fur

The coat of a poodle has some main characteristics.

  • It casts less fur than a loose coat
  • It must be cut off regularly (unless you are a very passionate groomer)

Poodles are a popular pet choice for people who are sensitive to dog hair. This is due to their reputation for a hypoallergenic coat.

However, they are not completely allergen-free.

One reason for this reputation is the growth of the poodle coat.

Problems with curly hair of Sheepadoodles

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

Curly dog hair tends to remain trapped in the coat when it falls off. And poodles do not have a highly grooming undercoat.

This means less hair stays on your carpet.

But there can be problems.

The dandruff hair is still on the dog. It just hasn’t fallen out.

And the trapped hair can lead to matting. If not brushed daily – and thoroughly!

Hair loss can also be problematic in the ears. If the hair can grow into the ear canal, it can lead to an infection.

Old English Sheepdog also need their ears checked regularly for dirt and wax accumulations that can lead to infection.

No guarantees for allergy sufferers

So there is no guarantee that your poodle mix has a hypoallergenic coat. Your puppy probably has looser curls than a poodle. These are easier to maintain.

But you can have tighter curls like a poodle

In any case, there is a chance that they will have to be professionally edited.

A trip to the hairdresser every few weeks usually includes a bath.

Which is good because Sheepadoodles can drool!

Maintenance tools for Sheepadoodles

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

A Sheepadoodle can be brushed several times a week with a smoother brush and rake.

You won’t know what kind of coat your puppy will have until he is a few months old.

Assume it will require a lot of maintenance and be put into practice.

A grooming routine for Sheepadoodles

Puppies that are cared for from a young age are much happier and easier to handle.

So make sure you get used to being groomed from the very beginning.

Regular cutting and plucking of the Sheepadoodle’s ear hairs can help keep the ear canal free of dirt and wax. Talk to your vet about this when you take your puppy in

Sheepadoodle Temperament & Personality

The Sheepadoodle personality is influenced by the genetic make-up of the poodle and Old English Sheepdog.

In an ideal world, each cross would express only the best traits of each parent. But in reality (as we know from our own lives!) this never happens.

Nevertheless, let us look at the temperaments of the sheepdog and the poodle to get an insight into the possible Sheepadoodle temperament.

The Old English Sheepdog is praised for his gentle nature and adaptability. The large breed can be a mature domestic dog, but he is a large boy who enjoys exploring and walking regularly.

Sheepdogs enjoy being included in family time very much. Together with the poodle, it is good with children, provided they are socialized and trained early.

Old English Shepherds do not like to be separated from their humans and they can become destructive if left alone for long periods of time.

Like the poodle, the Old English Sheepdog is a fast learner and is an obedient dog.

Poodles are close to the top in dog love and are very easy to train. They are happy to please their owners and maintain a watchful sensibility, which means you will be informed when strangers approach.

Poodles have a reputation for being highly tense, but in fact, they are inherently less aggressive.

Early socialisation and positive reinforcement techniques are essential to help you communicate your dog’s expectations for appropriate behaviour.

Punishment based training is not recommended and can be dangerous as it can actually mask signs of distressing behaviour.

Most Sheepadoodle owners describe their puppies as sociable, playful, people-oriented and with a sweet disposition.

It’s important to know that your Sheepadoodle’s temperament is at one end of the spectrum or a mixture of both.

Activity levels of Sheepadoodles

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

If you want a dog that is happy to be a couch potato or a purse dog, skip the Sheepadoodle, because these puppies inherit a living set of genes!

Large, sprawling shepherd dogs need an outlet for their physical nature. They are large, enthusiastic dogs and need proper training to combat what can easily become unruly, unwanted behavior. For example, some try to herd smaller animals or children!

Poodles keep a moderate level of energy and enjoy keeping busy, especially mentally.

Their Sheepadoodle inherits the activity of their parents for activities, and if they are like the poodle parents, they will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

They also need to stay in company all day long. This is usually not a dog that is happy to be left at work during the day.

Sheepadoodle Health issues

It can be assumed that your Sheepadoodle is at risk from the same health problems as its parents.

Both breeds are well structured. Their legs are not too short. And their muzzles are a good length.

These are important characteristics in every puppy. However, there are diseases associated with each breed.

Health of the old english shepherd dogs

Hip dysplasia, eye disease and hypothyroidism are all issues that need to be considered with Old English Sheepdogs.

A hip dysplasia is not uncommon in large breeds. It can affect one or both hips and cause pain and stiffness.

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

Surgery may be necessary if the condition becomes severe enough. Treatment options include a full hip replacement. And the cost can be in the thousands.

Progressive retinal atrophy is an inherited eye condition in which the retina deteriorates, leading to loss of vision.

A dog with PRA may lose day and night vision. Blind dogs can adapt, but this is a disease that can and should be avoided.

Check these test certificates to make sure your puppy can’t get PRA.

Hypothyroidism is a lack of hormone produced in the thyroid gland. Symptoms include obesity, lethargy, loss of mental acuity, irregular heat cycles and possibly infertility.

The disease can be treated with thyroid replacement. The dog usually needs lifelong treatment.

Poodle Health

What health problems do poodles face? Cushing’s disease, bladder stones and skin tumours are among the problems that poodles face.

Cushing’s disease occurs when a dog’s body consumes too much of the hormone cortisol or when corticosteroid medications are prescribed in high doses and/or over a long period of time. Treatment for the condition can range from medication management to removal of the adrenal gland.

Unfortunately, poodles are prone to dermatological problems, including seborrhea, a condition that affects the glands that lubricate the hair follicles and skin. The condition is often diagnosed as hypothyroidism, which complicates treatment.

Your Sheepadoodle will inherit the health profiles of its parents, but how these problems are expressed cannot be accurately predicted in your crossbreed.

What you can do is make sure that each of them is tested for the problems that may affect the breed to reduce the likelihood that your puppy will inherit them.

Sheepadoodle puppies

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

It should be noted once again that the offspring of a cross are at risk for the same health problems and worries as their parents.

In the case of the Sheepadoodle, serious and costly problems can cause joint and skin problems.

The perfect companion for life with a new puppy
Health tests for these and other problems discussed above are an ideal way to anticipate possible problems your dog may have.

Where can you find a Sheepadoodle puppy?

Sheepadoodle Breeder

Mongrel dogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, there are responsible breeders, especially if you live in a city or metropolitan area.

Be very selective about the person who raises your future companion. And stay away from puppy mills and pet shops.

Make a house call before you buy a puppy. This way you’ll see first hand the conditions in which your puppy was raised. You must meet the puppies with their mother.

Meeting Dad is a great idea, if he’s not too far away.

You should ask about the health of your puppy and his parents.

Make sure that the breeder has a clear bond with the mother and that he doesn’t just want to produce puppies. Either as a valued family, working or mobility dog.

All responsible breeders are happy to show you health certificates of the dogs you are interested in.

How much does Sheepadoodles cost?

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodles are at the expensive end of the designer dog spectrum.

Offer prices range from $1,900 to $3,000.

And some breeders advertise blue-eyed puppies at higher costs.

Sheepadoodle Rescue

If you are reconsidering your decision to buy a Sheepadoodle because of the high purchase prices, there is another alternative.

You can find Sheepadoodle rescue organizations and groups online

Rescue has advantages and disadvantages, but many people find it a good experience.

Make sure that you get a lot of information from the rescue centre. It is best not to accept a dog with problems if you are new to the dog.

In a good rescue centre your dog will be tempered. And you will be supported through the rescue process.

Adopted dogs do not always have problems. If you have a lot of time and are happy to give, do something wonderful by giving a homeless dog a place to lay his head.

Is a Sheepadoodle the right dog for me?

The Sheepadoodle cross was created with three goals in mind

  • Intelligence and trainability
  • Sweet and gentle nature
  • Hypoallergenic coat

Many Sheepadoodles will achieve these first two goals.

But only if they are selected by friendly parents and well socialized as puppies.

Remember that they are not all hypoallergenic.

So don’t rely on living with this coat if you’re allergic to dogs.

Remember that with any crossbreeding, the results can be unpredictable.

Future temperament, medical problems and appearance can be like a parent. Or they can take one at a time.

No one can say anything.

A crossbred dog like the Sheepadoodle will have some characteristics of both parents. However, it cannot be predicted in what ratios or combinations.

Do not forget these tests! Even if a puppy is a cross-bred breed, each purebred parent should still be tested for health.

Do you have a Sheepadoodle? Why don’t you tell us a little about them in the comments?

The life expectancy and health concerns of the Shepadoodle

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

Since the German Shepherd and Poodle is a crossbreed, the mixture of German Shepherd Pudding could be susceptible to a number of health problems inherited from its purebred parents.

With a life expectancy of 7-10 years, the German Shepherd dog is prone to elbow and hip joint dysplasia, blood diseases, digestive problems, epilepsy, eczema, eye problems, dwarfism and skin allergies.

The poodle has a longer life span of 10 to 18 years and may be susceptible to Addison’s disease, hip joint dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, thyroid problems, flatulence and hypoglycaemia.

You should consider an early health-check programme for your Shepadoodle to ensure it is on the right foot.

Early check-ups can help you prepare for or even prevent certain health concerns associated with this crossroads.

Care and general maintenance of my Shepadoodle dog

If you are thinking about a German shepherd poodle, it is important to consider the time and general care.

The grooming needs of a German Shepherd x Poodle may vary as the type of coat he has depends on what he inherits from his parent breeds.

While the German Shepherd has minimal grooming needs and only needs to be brushed and bathed occasionally, the poodle requires extensive brushing to avoid getting mats into his thick, curly coat.

In addition, the German Shepherd is a scaler, whereas the poodle is not. Although there is no really hypoallergenic dog, the poodle still produces much less dandruff than most breeds and is therefore a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to tell whether your Shepadoodle is “hypoallergenic” or not, and there is a chance that it will fall off a bit.

You should also be prepared to cut the nails of your German Poodle mix regularly to prevent them from breaking and clean the ears to avoid infection.

Practice and training for a shepadoodle

Temeperament measured with 5 points maximum:

Ease of Care
Exercise Requirements
Social Tendencies

Since both the German Shepherd and the Poodle are such intelligent breeds, it is not surprising that a Shepherd Poodle Mix for training should be a piece of cake.

Because of its consistency and reward system based on rewards, the German Shepherd Poodle mix is likely to quickly pick up on new routines!

Remember, however, that the German Shepherd is a particularly energetic breed. A potential owner must therefore be patient when his Shepadoodle inherits this trait.

Speaking of energetic, both the German Shepherd and the Poodle are active breeds that are naturally athletic and need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep them from becoming boring and destructive.

One or two hours of exercise a day should meet the needs of the Shepadoodle mix.

As mentioned earlier, early training in terms of socialization and obedience is the key to ensuring that this cross is round.

Deciding if a Shepadoodle is right for you

The Shepherd Poodle Cross is an intelligent, family-friendly dog with a lot of energy, but does this mean that it suits you?

He will do best in homes with large, fenced yards and an owner who has the ability to train and coach him properly.

The perfect companion for life with a new puppy

Ultimate Guide: Sheepadoodle

If you don’t mind playing something when it comes to dancing and cleaning, and if you and your family are ready for an intelligent, active and bold mix, Shepadoodle might be just the thing for you!

Let’s find a Shepadoodle puppy!

Getting your hands on Shepadoodle puppies may seem easy, but you want to make sure you’re going through the right sources.

If you get your Shepadoodle cross poodle puppy from the right source, it will make for a happier and healthier dog in the long run.

That’s why you should always do a lot of research before deciding where to buy your German Shepadoodle puppies.

If you come from a breeder, German Shepherd Poodle Mix puppies can carry you from $500 to $1000 or more, depending on whether their parents show quality or not.

However, the advantage of coming from a breeder is that you have the opportunity to ask questions about problems that may have arisen in the parent breeds or previous litters.

Also remember that serious breeders can provide health certificates that prove that their puppies of German Shepherd Poodle have been tested for health and are healthy and adaptable.

On the other hand, if you want to spend much less, adoption fees at a shelter are usually $50 to $100. Not only that, but the shelters usually cover the initial veterinary fees.

Whichever way you choose, we hope that your Shepadoodle puppy is everything you hoped for!

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